May 14, 2021

Hello World

Jacob Clevenger@wheatjs

Welcome to my new site!

I’ve been meaning to create this site for a while now and after various distractions I’ve finally done it! In fact, it only took me two days to have a fully working site, not bad, right?

Well here is a brief overview of how I did it. First things first, this site is built usingVue 3and the super fastVite. I generated the site usingAntfu’s Vitesseto get a solid baseline. With this I get the following out of the box:

This is just a few of the features I get out of the box. For a more comprehensive list take a look at theVitesseGitHub page. All of these features make it very easy to setup a blogging platform with just a little configuration. I took some inspiration fromAntfu’s Personal Sitewhere he has a very similar tech stack.

Anyway, I’ll go more into depth about creating this site in later posts. Until then, thanks for stopping by

One more thing, if you’d like to take a look at the source code for this site you cancheck it out here